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 Guild Wars Warrior Farming Guide

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Guild Wars Warrior Farming Guide

Upon entering you will need to get the quest from the Lost Soul. If you aggro and mobs you will have to sprint back to the cliff Buy Guild Wars Items where you started. If you aggro a Dying Nightmare you should be able to kill it with Vengeful Weapon twice. Once you have received the quest many monsters will pop up on your min map. Graspin gDarkness's are not difficult to handle, lure them them out and kill them. Usually a group of 3 to 4 will come at a time. If you manage to aggro anymore Aatxes just run back to the cliff. Ads by Google
Once lured hit Dolyak with your sword or axe until guild wars ecto Bonetti's is charged, then use Vengeful was Khanhei. Rinse and repoeat until they are all dead. Once the 3 groups of grasping are dead you can escape the chamber. It's important that you take out the graspings because they interrupt and energy drain, which can be handled using Bonetti's.

It usually takes about 30 minutes to complete zaishen keys and you would be able to collect 1 or more Globs of Ectoplasm, and 2000 gold worth of drops. A glob of ectoplasm sells for about 8,000 gold. Each run you can get a total of 10,000 gold minus the 1,000 entry. \

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Guild Wars Warrior Farming Guide
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