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 Guild Wars Loss and Hope

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PostSubject: Guild Wars Loss and Hope   Guild Wars Loss and Hope I_icon_minitimeMon May 14, 2012 2:41 am

Guild Wars Loss and Hope

Back to top There are few things that remind me of my childhood as much as fireflies. I can still recall the feeling of the first gentle breeze of the evening, a merciful reprieve from the day’s heat. The sun would gradually slip away in a brilliant wash of colors, making way for the stars with buy guild wars items . And as the lights in the heavens began to shine, so, too, did the lights on earth. Fireflies, countless in their number, began their dance above the river near our home with guild wars items. And there I was, wide-eyed and embraced by wonder. In those moments, I was the only person that existed in the world. The moon was my spotlight, and the tiny flickering embers were the audience that I played to and buy guild wars item . In a very real sense of the word, it was magical.
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Guild Wars Loss and Hope
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