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 WOW Items Legend Of The Black Dragon Prince

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PostSubject: WOW Items Legend Of The Black Dragon Prince   Fri May 04, 2012 1:51 am

WOW Items Legend Of The Black Dragon Prince

Reproduce barren piece of land the player after the big disaster in the Red Dragon Rhea received a task line, this task is to cultivate an uncontaminated Buy Wow items pure black dragon egg, which is the only one in a million years pure black dragon egg, but also purify the hope of the black Dragonflight lies. Task last Rhea themselves and their child's life in exchange for the safety of the Fengyun dragon egg, pure black dragon egg in the wings of death in the blink of an eye away, and finally hatched, 4.3 to see the new Black Dragon Prince .

In the turbulent behind the scenes of the disaster, an La Xiao Heilonggang, trying to deny all of his fellow Black Dragon to clear fallen rooted in their ethnic ... a key figure in his plans - a world-famous Stalker - who had to participate wow items Sell to kill the hero of the wings of death.

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WOW Items Legend Of The Black Dragon Prince
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