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 Copies Of Whether To Share The CD wow us power leveling

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PostSubject: Copies Of Whether To Share The CD wow us power leveling   Fri May 04, 2012 1:29 am

Copies Of Whether To Share The CD wow us power leveling

Mists of pandaria global media meeting has ended, the following is the front line we bring you interviews with Blizzard designers. This is a interview wow us power leveling Blizzard director of game production J.Allen Brack, In the interview, he answered a topic Buy WOW Items of concern for many players, under an information after the full level of the film, players can play anything, and who will be the final BOSS, etc., with a look:

25 copies of the "mists of pandaria" whether to share the cd'm not sure. "Mists of pandaria 10 25 copies of a shared cd we have not done the final decision, because this decision is very important. Of course, one of the more important thing is that when the player wow us powerleveling views when your decision, you need to think about why they will voice their opinions. Had decided to share cd Our idea is that tonight we play a 10-H of the Lich King, has been very good equipment. The next day I and some of the white hit the ordinary version of wow eu power leveling a 25-person, and finally get the equipment and the day before yesterday to play H version is the same. So players will not be too happy, so this is one we need to solve the problem.

In addition, when we launched the shared cd or going to solve the problem of points, not the best courage points and conquer the points to obtain. So we decided that the 10 and 25 copies of the cd made shared. Maybe some players will be doing wow eu powerleveling Sell wow us power leveling so without a good solution to the above problem, or is it to do so and generate new problems. We are still in the process of and trade-offs, so no final decision "mists of pandaria" continue to adopt a shared CD set.

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Copies Of Whether To Share The CD wow us power leveling
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