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 World PVP Is Best To Let Naturally WOW Items Occurring

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PostSubject: World PVP Is Best To Let Naturally WOW Items Occurring   Fri Apr 06, 2012 4:53 am

World PVP Is Best To Let Naturally WOW Items Occurring

Is what the future World PVP and / or battlefield scene modes? PVP scenes after the WOW Items completion of the various things?

Lower than the world PVP in terms of trying to distinguish buy world of warcraft gold between what is naturally occurring in the world PVP, and then allow the game to provide better support. In the past, I consider the area to create the world PVP is not very successful, at least from their point of view or the world of PVP like. Wintergrasp is a good area, the first time you open the tank blew open buy world of warcraft item fortress is cool. Tol Barad ... Well, at least you find a lot of people occupied the base, there are other things to do, but it is unlike the world of PVP. Really, like some kind of large-scale battlefield, and it is more and more like a copy of the battlefield.

World PVP is best to let naturally occurring, so the game environment to encourage PVP will naturally occur. We hope to find those who would naturally occurring, and then to win the regional players to reward, is to improve the buy swtor credits upper limit of conquest of points. Analogy, in the classic version, we would encourage you to occupation of Southshore or Tarren Mill, improve your week conquer points limit. Instead of the very explicit WOW Items means to encourage you of PVP, for example, could get good equipment or the occupation of the South China buy tera gold Sea town a lot of fun.
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World PVP Is Best To Let Naturally WOW Items Occurring
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