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 WOW Items 5.0 Protection Class Talent And PVP

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PostSubject: WOW Items 5.0 Protection Class Talent And PVP   Fri Apr 06, 2012 4:45 am

WOW Items 5.0 Protection Class Talent And PVP

We do not think the players tank class talent to participate in PVP have any questions, but if they do, then we hope that they can use WOW Items buy world of warcraft gold the defense and control skills to reflect their value, rather than their potential for harm. The tank was deliberately designed to have to sacrifice buy world of warcraft item DPS in exchange for other advantages they have.

Comparatively speaking, we do not feel the same treatment of talent can be made in PVP and DPS talent even more damage would be cool, the tank is the same reason. On the battlefield, in general, tank who can find their place, for example, take the flag and buy swtor credits keep the points and carry NPCs. To find a location difficult but in the arena Li Tanke and more, because the arena's basic strategy is to set the fire and kill the enemy players. No one will want to set fire to a tank, while the tanks are most of the time can not set fire to enemy buy tera gold players do to help.
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WOW Items 5.0 Protection Class Talent And PVP
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