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 Hero Standings WOW Items Wise Warrior Introduce

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PostSubject: Hero Standings WOW Items Wise Warrior Introduce   Tue Apr 03, 2012 9:26 pm

Hero Standings WOW Items Wise Warrior Introduce

Heroes find a great warrior, the soldier is particularly clever, you want to know why? The situation is such, under normal circumstances, our gems buy world of warcraft gold and enchants are hit, strength, dodge, parry, and endurance, I did something wrong? (Unless you and the soldier, wise, we did not find it) buy world of warcraft item and the great warrior friends do not WOW Items follow the routine the cards, the body 90% of the gem is 50 intelligence, recast the spirit enchant is a spiritual and buy swtor credits intellectual Level 396, which makes one hundred baffled ah, is not that we are behind the times.

And the brother of metamorphosis is a bright spot, the winner a plus Cloak of Unforgivable Sin, the weapons are the Shure Flagg of the buy tera gold miners ax, a shield is WOW Items EU the dish of the borer, the shoulder is a prison shoulder A helmet is a hell helmet. Friends who are interested can also go to the metamorphosis of a oh.

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Hero Standings WOW Items Wise Warrior Introduce
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