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 The Merit of X-53 Touring Rocket Flying Mount

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PostSubject: The Merit of X-53 Touring Rocket Flying Mount   Mon Apr 02, 2012 3:07 am

The Merit of X-53 Touring Rocket Flying Mount

The biggest advantage of X-53 Touring Rocket Flying Mount is that two persons can travel on it. You could do quests,check maps with your friends or toon together buy world of warcraft gold at the same time.What's more,it is a reward that is given to players by Blizzard.Thus, buy world of warcraft item is very safe and convinient to buy.
Procedure to get it:
You have to register a new account for use.Then,you shall send an invitation with the account that needs a rocket mount.After that the mail buy swtor credits linked th that new account will receive a mail with a invitation code.With this code,you have to activate it and buy CDK to be a formal game account.Then you should also buy two-month time for this new account.After buy tera gold finishing all these steps,the account that sent an invitation will get a X-53 Touring Rocket Flying Mount ,also an extra one-month time.Of course, you could hand it over to us with payment of $29.99.
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The Merit of X-53 Touring Rocket Flying Mount
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