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 Close to definitive compilation for a true music legend

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Close to definitive compilation for a true music legend Empty
PostSubject: Close to definitive compilation for a true music legend   Close to definitive compilation for a true music legend I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 13, 2012 10:26 pm

The below songs are Lennon's greatest, I think.

Woman- a beautiful love song with a warm sentiment and sweetly sung.

Beautiful boy- a dreamy, delicate and beautiful ode to his young boy Sean. Has an oriental sounding element to the song and some nice Caribbean sounding steel drums.

Happy Christmas (war is over): a song of The Beatles New Stereo Box Set and optimism. Features his wife Yoko and a children's choir. Has jingle bells and accoustic guitar.

Give peace a chance: another peacenik song for this politically and socially active singer. Has a classic singalong chant and an iconic drum pattern. Composed at the time of American involvement in the Vietnam War, which was socially divisive around the world. A great but simple song with a simple beat, claps and chant.

Nobody told me: one of John Lennon Album CD Box Set best ever songs, in my opinion-he was still making great music before he was tragically murdered by a man he had shown kindness too only moments earlier. Has Lennon's trademark sense of whimsy: "There's UFO's over New York and I ain't too suprised".

I think says the most about John, all the hits and all the essential tracks are here, and this disc would be a great addition to any CD collection, especially for Beatles fans. Give John a chance!
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Close to definitive compilation for a true music legend
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