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 Am I doing ok?

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Am I doing ok? Empty
PostSubject: Am I doing ok?   Am I doing ok? I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 07, 2012 7:33 am

I have played sngs for a couple of years (not with outstanding results but an overall profit) and now I'm experimenting with a little bit of cash games.

The only time I'd ever played cash before was the occasional single table of cash, maybe 10 times total in 3 years, and I think 9 of those times I got stacked

Anyway the details of what I've done so far tonight:

between 10 and 15 tables of FR 2nl buying in for 40BB (Is that too short?)

Bankroll of $54.89 (with $12 on the tables)
I played 1000 hands in 1hr 40mins
I played very nitty but very aggressive when I played. I only played 6% of hands (tens or better/AQs or better)

I ended up profiting $2.51 and earning 5.66 FPPs

Is there any other stats that are important to have that I have not mentioned?

What books/articles/blogs/videos should I look at to help improve my cash game? (I have several tourney/sng books but no cash)

I have no HEM, HUD or PT3. At what point is it advisable forking out for this (given the stakes I'm playing)?

Am I actually playing a winning strategy or is this just a bit of variance?

Help/advice/opinions welcome
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Am I doing ok?
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