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  How do one identify his leaks?

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 How do one identify his leaks? Empty
PostSubject: How do one identify his leaks?    How do one identify his leaks? I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 08, 2012 4:46 am

I am a live player in Asia. Have gone bust like 3-4 times already over probably 3 years of playing $1/$2 holdem. I do not play omaha. I attributed it to two things mainly; horrible bankroll management and ego problems.

And still currently busto but I'm paying off my debts by dealing for a local game now.

Question lies here, I do wanna take another shot at this because it would be great if I could make some money out of it. There are definitely leaks in my game and I question my plays a lot of the time. The ego issue seem to be okay now but I worry that its because I'm busto and not truly over my ego issue, if that makes any sense. Bankroll-wise I will be insanely strict about it this time (probably my last time actually) but what about the game in general?

What are leaks you have discovered or people have pointed out for you that you failed to see previously? How did you go about rectifying them? Do you see differences in results after rectifying said leak(s) after a long period of time?

For real though, I would appreciate any thought-out responses because the previous time I went bust, I was seriously disillusioned with poker and that has never hit me before.
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How do one identify his leaks?
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