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PostSubject: CM150DY-24H   CM150DY-24H I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 05, 2011 4:06 am


Here is the description
Mitsubishi IGBT Modules are designed
for use in switching applications.
Each module consists of two
IGBTs in a half-bridge configuration
with each transistor having a reverse-
connected super-fast recovery
free-wheel diode. All components
and interconnects are isolated
from the heat sinking baseplate,
offering simplified system assembly
and thermal management.
* Low Drive Power
* Low VCE(sat)
* Discrete Super-Fast Recovery
Free-Wheel Diode
* High Frequency Operation
* Isolated Baseplate for Easy
Heat Sinking
* AC Motor Control
* Motion/Servo Control
* Welding Power Supplies
Ordering Information:
Example: Select the complete part
module number you desire from
the table below -i.e. CM150DY-24H
is a 1200V (VCES), 150 Ampere
Dual IGBT Module.

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