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 How many days with LED tube light failure?

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PostSubject: How many days with LED tube light failure?    Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:24 am

How many days with LED tube light failure?

LED tube light failure at 1000 hours be controlled led tube light within 10% of qualified, generally better in the use of 40,000 hours 70% brightness is relatively good. LED lamp lumen 1000 hours of time has actually produced, but high-power LED light decline will be smaller, low-power will be larger, of course, this is only from the LED itself. lamp adapter.

LED lamp lumen is the biggest determinant of LED temperature, if the heat do not, led bulbs then, the temperature is too high, the attenuation will be very fast, the general said the LED light decline in the ideal state, if it is fluorescent , because the more satellites used to consider the heat, LED spacing between the current size, lamp shells and other issues.dimmable led light bulbs. LED LED chip is used to light the key, closed a good LED, phosphor is coated above the chip out there LENS.
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How many days with LED tube light failure?
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