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 associated with radioactive fresh mushrooms

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PostSubject: associated with radioactive fresh mushrooms    associated with radioactive fresh mushrooms  I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 15, 2011 3:57 am

associated with radioactive fresh mushrooms

After the disaster, several square mls regarding pine natrual enviroment PX-5004 straight downwind from the reactor transformed reddish-brown and also passed away, getting the "Red Forest". A few animals inside worst-hit areas in addition died or perhaps stopped reproducing. The D1047 majority of home-based wildlife have been taken from your different area, however horses quit on an island inside Pripyat Lake Some kilometer from the energy plant perished any time their particular thyroid gland glands have been ruined BAV99 simply by light dosages involving 150-200 Svc. Several cattle for a passing fancy isle passed away and people who made it through were slower because of hypothyroid injury. The next generation appeared to be standard. The robot sent into the reactor themselves STK0039 offers went back along with samples of black, melanin-rich stereo trophic fungus infection which are developing on the reactor's walls. In the 440,300 outrageous boar murdered inside the The year 2010 shopping period in Germany, more than A single,1000 were found being contaminated ML4621 with numbers of light across the granted restriction associated with 1000 bequerels, because of left over radioactivity coming from Chernobyl.Indonesia offers banned untamed online game meats due to toxins associated with radioactive fresh mushrooms.
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associated with radioactive fresh mushrooms
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