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 A few cow on a single area died

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A few cow on a single area died  Empty
PostSubject: A few cow on a single area died    A few cow on a single area died  I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 15, 2011 3:53 am

A few cow on a single area died

After the catastrophe, 4 sq . kilometers associated with pine natrual mpc16s enviroment right downwind with the reactor switched reddish-brown and passed away, generating the "Red Forest". Some creatures inside the worst-hit regions furthermore passed away as well as halted MAX3232 reproducing. Many home-based animals were removed from your exemption zone, however race horses quit by using an tropical isle inside the Pripyat Lake 6 km in the power plant perished any time their particular thyroid gland glands BYT261PIV1000 were damaged simply by radiation doses associated with 150-200 Svc. A few cow on a single area died and people who survived ended up stunted because of thyroid harm. The next generation was standard. The robotic routed in to the reactor alone AD7841 has went back using samples of dark-colored, melanin-rich radio stations trophic fungi which can be growing on the reactor's partitions. With the 440,Three hundred outrageous boar killed inside the This year shopping time throughout Belgium, more than One,000 put together to be infected ISD1420 using levels of light above the allowed limit associated with 1000 bequerels, because of residual radioactivity via Chernobyl.Philippines has restricted untamed video game meat as a consequence of toxic contamination associated with radioactive weeds.
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A few cow on a single area died
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