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 Aika Online: The New Revolution of MMO games

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PostSubject: Aika Online: The New Revolution of MMO games   Fri May 25, 2012 1:49 am

Aika Online: The New Revolution of MMO games

Aika online is like most classic online RPG fighting games, with a cool and whimsical twist. Warrior, Paladin, Rifleman, Cleric, Warlock and Dual Gunner are the classes the game offers. Each offer a unique skill set which will appeal to each Buy Guild Wars Items individual. Aika, like most other games has an excellent PVP system, but what sets it apart from the normal MMO is that you get a massive realm vs realm PVP system which supports up to a thousand players on each side. Think of all the hardcore head-hunting you and your friends can achieve.

Along with PVP you get fantastic guild battles, which are sure to keep you guild wars ecto entertained for months to come. But one of the best parts about Aika is that you get a specialized pet, you need not buy it and the quest to obtain your Pran is easy. Your Pran can come in 3 main forms which are fire which boosts attack, water which zaishen keys boosts defense, and recovery and air which boost evasion. Your Pran will start out as a small fairy, later evolving into a small girl.

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Aika Online: The New Revolution of MMO games
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