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 Wow Players Discuss Buying Wow Gold Online

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PostSubject: Wow Players Discuss Buying Wow Gold Online   Fri May 25, 2012 1:45 am

Wow Players Discuss Buying Wow Gold Online

Hi, i have been thinking about buying WoW gold but i am afraid i will get banned. So could anyone tell me if they have bought gold more than 10k without getting banned cause i have read places on the internet which say you wont get banned Buy Wow items and that you will. I would just like some clarification.

Bitbyte says:

People who sell gold will ALWAYS tell you that you'll not get banned. A good number of people who got banned will tell you that it is because they bought gold. Buying gold WILL always get you banned, but only IF you're caught. Blizzard probably run daily reports of large transfers of gold between accounts and vets them. Through their wow items vetting they might identify an account as a gold seller's mule in which it has transacted a smaller amount of of gold to your account that did not flag in their daily report, thereby nailing you and your account.

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Wow Players Discuss Buying Wow Gold Online
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