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 Top 3 Diablo 3 Money-Making Tips

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PostSubject: Top 3 Diablo 3 Money-Making Tips   Top 3 Diablo 3 Money-Making Tips I_icon_minitimeFri May 25, 2012 1:22 am

Top 3 Diablo 3 Money-Making Tips

I'm sure most of you have looked around online at some of the other Diablo III money-making guides. If you're like me, you noticed that most of the tips these guys hand out aren't really tips at all, but common-sense strategies. So what can you, as a Diablo 3 player, do to help combat the flow of misinformation about it?

Beyond the obvious ethical dilemma of them Diablo 3 items being slightly misleading, the biggest problem lies within the fact that quite often, these so-called "tips" for sale are flat-out wrong. In this section, I'll list three of the most common unhelpful tips in the Diablo 3 game, point out where they're wrong, and identify some of the absolute best, simple, and actual tactics that you can use in-game to help you become a better player.

Oh boy. This is the big one. Undercutting, to a certain extent, is fine. However, undercutting to the point where it considerably lowers your profit Diablo III items margin is not good for your bottom line. The RMAH is an extremely competitive market, yes, but there are millions of auctions listed at any one time. Attempting to be the low-price leader 24/7 is only going to lead to frustration and heavy losses. Think about it, what if every single player used this same technique to sell their items in Diablo 3? Diablo III Power Leveling would devalue those items so much that everyone trying to sell would eventually experience a loss of gold.

First off, take a look at the big picture, such as what you paid to craft or acquire your gear in the first place. Make sure you are still making a profit, and preferably one over 50%. It's definitely worth your time to wait and allow items to sell for their Diablo III PowerLeveling true value, than to just dump them off quickly for a little coin. I'm not saying there isn't a time to get rid of items ASAP, but at this point in the game, patience is a virtue.

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Top 3 Diablo 3 Money-Making Tips
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