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 What Is A SWTOR Companion?

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PostSubject: What Is A SWTOR Companion?   What Is A SWTOR Companion? I_icon_minitimeTue May 22, 2012 1:54 am

What Is A SWTOR Companion?

The Power-leveling service in SWTOR is a service worth a lot of Credits. Players will ask: Why should they waste Credits for the Power-leveling service? Depending on circumstances, the player maybe under leveled in comparison to his or her Swtor power leveling comrades and be left behind. Catching up with your teammates can be extremely time consuming when aiming to reach a higher level with evolved skill trees and necessary equipment. This is where Star Wars: The Old Republic Credits will come into play; players can use the Power-leveling system to quickly catch up with their comrades and continue their adventure without appearing 'weak' and 'unprepared'. How to earn those needed Credits?

Scavenging and treasure hunting in SWTOR are swtor powerleveling alternatives that keeps filling your pockets with Credits. Players need to learn the tricks of the trade and create an efficient, yet effective business in SWTOR for good credit accumulation in the Galactic Trade Network.

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What Is A SWTOR Companion?
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