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 Tera Online Sorcerer Guide to their Mystical Powers

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PostSubject: Tera Online Sorcerer Guide to their Mystical Powers   Tue May 22, 2012 1:49 am

Tera Online Sorcerer Guide to their Mystical Powers

As the TERA Sorcerer leveling guide lines out, a specialty of this class is taking down large amounts of enemies in the quickest amount of time possible. The developers of TERA Online have made sure that the lower levels prepare players, giving them a chance to adapt, for the higher end content. Reviews of the game and their distinct Tera power leveling classes have also been made by many fan sites and guide provides like Killerguides

Level One: The first single target ability, which become extremely powerful later on, is Fireball. The other skill that is available at the onset is Flame Pillar. It is quite literally a wall of flame that turns anything in front of the caster and within range Tera powerleveling into burning embers. Level Two: Of course what would any caster be without MP? Mana Infusion comes in handy over and over again supplying the crucial resource. Also, the sorcerer's first defensive ability, Baskstep, becomes available allowing the player to step back a few paces and avoid incoming damage.

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Tera Online Sorcerer Guide to their Mystical Powers
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